Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Projects

Well, now that I actually have time to sew, I have a bunch of fabric that I have bought for various projects. These are two of them. The first one is a kit that I picked up in a quilt shop in Glasgow Montana when we visited our oldest son last summer. Looks like a cute childen's quilt. It says it will be 40x40. The other project is a new quilt for my sun room. I don't have a design in mind yet, so ideas are welcome. I just finished up the Patriotic stars quilt (from several blogs ago) all it needed was a binding. And I worked on my Blue Star Mothers table runner until I ran out of bobbin thread and was too lazy to wind a new one (and it was 9:30 pm anyway).
I just received a copy of my college transcripts (I need them for work so they will add it to my personnel record) and found out that I missed summa cum laude by .01 - I had a 3.74 and you needed a 3.75. good grief - I shouldn't even care at this point.
Well it has been really dreary and raining forever - the weather forecasters tell us maybe we'll see sun tomorrow - cross your fingers.

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  1. It might be a *little* bit late for extra credit. You could always ask, though!